West Iron County Public Schools

West Iron County Public Schools is a consolidated system made up of the former Bates Township School, Iron River Public Schools, and the Stambaugh Township Schools. The district was consolidated in 1967. The school district encompasses the cities of Iron River, Caspian, Gaastra, and the townships of Bates, Iron River, and Stambaugh. There are approximately 560 square miles in the district, which requires a considerable amount of transportation.

In 1992, a bonding proposal was passed to build a new high school on the Stambaugh campus. Besides the new high school, the Stambaugh campus contains an elementary building and the administrative office. The previous high school, now known as the Windsor Center, is a plethora of recreation, entertainment and businesses for the purpose of community enrichment and recreation.

The staff at West Iron County Public Schools is well qualified and specifically trained to address the individual needs of the students. Long ago West Iron County formulated a reputation for providing an impressive instructional program for all students. Working with the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District, West Iron County provides a complete program for the educationally handicapped, learning disabled, and emotionally impaired. The Chapter I program is also available to students, not only offering support but reaching out to parents so that appropriate home-school interaction is maintained.